*Homemade Chicken and Escarole Soup & Cheese Tortellini Pasta 7.00 * Cream Of Tomato Soup + Fresh Mozzarella & Croutons 7.00

*Triple Cheese (Goat,Blue and Fresh Mozzarella ) + Vine Ripened Tomato Salad – Greens – Basil and Balsamic 8.00

*Super Colossal Crab Meat Martini – House Made Mustard Sauce and Zippy Cocktail Sauce 18.00

*Mozambique Trio – Chourico , Wild Shrimp,and Grilled Octopus – Spicy Peri Peri Butter Sauce 16.00

*Butternut Raviloi with Maple Cranberry Walnut Brandy Sauce and Goat Cheese 14.00

*Steak Tartare – Chopped Raw Beef Tenderloin ,Capers,Mustard,Cornishons & Shallots – Hen Yolk – Country Toast 16.00

*Cast Iron New Zealand Grass-fed Lollipop Lamb Chops – Smokey Blueberry & Chipolte Sauce 14.00

*Portuguese Style Stuffed Top Necks – Chourico,Onion,and Pepper Stuffing (4) – Crushed Pepper Mayonnaise 12.00

*Panko Crusted Prosciutto wrapped Fresh Mozzarella Cheese – House Red Sauce & Balsamic 12.00

*Applewood and Hickory Smoked Duck Wings – Sweet and Spicy Chili Sauce -Green Onion 14.00

*RI Style Fried Point Judith Calamari and Fried Shrimp Combo – Sauteed with Garlic Butter + Hot Cherry Peppers 16.00
*Grilled Veal Steak (Filet Mignon Of Veal) -Lobster Meat, Roasted Red Peppers & Sweet Onion Garlic Butter 44.00

*Pan Fried Black Sea Bass –Pan Roasted Shiitaki – Garlic & Lemon Couscous – Housemade Tomato Bacon Jam 28.00

*Osso Bucco 800 Minute Braised Pork Shank – Red Wine ,Tomato and Mirepoix Jus 28.00

*Black Lava Salt & Cracked Pepper Seared Filet Mignon -Mushroom, and Red Wine Demi 30.00

*Steak House Marinated Sirloin Tips –Sauteed Onions,Red Sweet Peppers,and Mushrooms 26.00

*Double Cut New Zealand Lamb Chops – Full Rack – Smokey Blueberry & Chipolte Glaze 32.00
Above Served with Starch and Vegetable of the Day Most Dishes Available Simply Grilled

*Mediterranean Style Swordfish & Shrimp Sautee with Tomato,Lemon and Spinach Sauce – Feta Cheese 28.00

*OT Turf and Surf and Surf – Grilled Beef Tenderloin Tips – Lobster Camella Pasta – Sea Scallops in Bacon 34.00

*Azorean Style Seafood Pot – Black Sea Bass, Littlenecks,Shrimp & Scallops with Kale ,Chourico,Tomatoes ,Onion,and Peppers
Cubed Potatoes – Olive Oil, Garlic,and Wine Broth 32.00

*Grilled Chicken,Baby Bella and Shiitaki Mushrooms,Cranberry, and Parmesan Risotto – Flash Fried Aspragus 24.00

*Pan Fried Panko Encrusted Veal Cutlets Parmesan with Jumbo Burrata Cheese Ravioli – Shaved Parmesan Cheese 30.00

*Drunken Seafood Pasta – Lobster,Shrimp,and Sea Scallops Pink Vodka Sauce – Rigatoni – Parmesan 34.00

*Paella – Littlenecks ,ChickenWild Shrimp & Chourico – Onions, and Peppers – Spanish Rice and Sweet Peas 26.00

*Petite Veal Tenderloins Sauteed with Mushrooms + Sweet Peas /Light Tomato & White Wine Sauce – Fresh Pasta – Parmesan 28.00

*Panko Crusted Pan Fried Chicken Breast – Fresh Mozzarella ,Swiss,and Provolone Cheese – Topped with Alfredo Sauce,and
Crispy Prosciutto – Cheese Carmella Pasta (Candy Shaped Pasta ) – Parmesan Cheese 24.00
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