*Gazpacho – Tomato,Cucumber,Peppers and Onions – Sour Cream and Green Onions 7.00

*Homemade Soup Of the Day – Please ask Server 7.00 * Side caesar Salad 4.00

*Pork and Vegetable Pot Stickers – Sweet Peas and Green Onion – Spicy Chili Glaze 12.00

*Vine Ripened Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella Cheese over Greens – Balsamic Glaze & Basil EVOO 10.00

*Grilled Pizza- Italian Sausage ,Sauteed Onion and Hot Cherry Peppers – Dressed Greens 12.00

*Mookie Blues Oysters ME (OR) Ugly Duckling Oysters MA on the ½ Shell – Apple Mignonette & Housemade Cocktail 12.00

*Deep Fried Empanadas Stuffed with Chorizo,Pork,Black Bean and Cheese – Red Sauce & Parmesan Cheese 10.00

*Mussels 3 Ways Pick Your Favorite – Portuguese Style (OR) Thai Coconut Curry Style (OR) Fra Diavolo Style 14.00

*Ahi Tuna Poke (Poh-keh) Raw Fish Salad with Soy Sauce ,Sesame,Red and Green Onion 12.00

*Maine Steamers Simply Steamed with Drawn Butter (OR) Portuguese Style with Kale,Chourico,Onion & Peppers 16.00

*Portuguese Style Stuffed Top Neck Clams – Chourico,Onion, and Peppers – Crushed Hot Pepper and Caper Aoli 12.00

*RI Style Deep Fried Calamari with Fried White Wild Shrimp – Sauteed with Garlic and Hot Cherry Peppers 16.00

*Steak House Marinated Sirloin Tips – Sauteed Mushrooms,Onions,and Sweet Red Peppers 26.00

*Grilled Harpooned Swordfish – Caper ,White Wine ,Lemon + Butter Sauce 26.00

*Fire Grilled Salt and Pepper Rubbed Bone-in Sirloin Steak – Shallot Truffle Butter 30.00

*Seared Ahi Sushi Grade Tuna Steak – Seaweed Salad – Soy and Sesame 26.00

*Grilled Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon (Cooked Medium or Less) – Port Wine Mushroom Demi – Gorgonzola 32.00

Above Served with Starch and Vegetable of the Day Most Dishes Available Simply Grilled

*Moqueca (moo -KAY-ka) Brazilian Seafood Stew – Swordfish,Blue Marlin ,Shrimp,and Scallops- Tomatoes, Onion,Peppers
and Garlic finished with Coconut Milk and a Squeeze Of Lime – Yellow Rice & A Splash Of Franks Hot Sauce 28.00

*Dirty Risotto – Italian Sausage, Chourico, and Grilled Chicken with Mushrooms and Sweet Peas 26.00

*Portuguese Style Pork Tenderloin Tips with Littlenecks and Fried Potatoes – Spicy Brown Sauce – Shrimp Mozambique 28.00

*Bucatini Urbana – Diced Guanciale,Napa Cabbage ,San Marzano Tomato,Chili Flake, Pecorino + Farm Egg 24.00

*King and Queen – Sauteed Veal Cutlet and Lobster Meat with Lobster Filled Carmelle Pasta ( Candy Shaped )
Sherry Spiked Lobster Bisque Sauce 34.00

*Grilled Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo with Wagon Wheel Rigatoni Pasta – Shaved Parmesan Cheese 24.00

*Burrata Cheese Ravioli with Veal Cutlets Parmesan – House Red Sauce – Parmesan Cheese 28.00

*Paella – Chicken,Shrimp,Chourico,and Littlenecks -Onion and Peppers – Yellow Rice – Sweet Peas 28.00

*Drunken Seafood Pasta – Shrimp,Sea Scallops and Lobster Meat – Pink Vodka Sauce -Fresh Rigatoni Pasta 32.00

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